HYTEKO OY offers profitable solutions for material handling.




balers, conveyors, shredders and giljotins


Special solutions
shredding fans
air separators
air conveyors


shreddings fans, air conveyors and separators for industry

Project supervising

designing, assembling, supervising and service


TE.MA COMPANY SRL was born in 1990 and it succeeded in establishing itself on a competitive market with great intuition and professionalism, by offering machines and facilities different from the existing ones. In particular, specific balers for the recycling of wastes that the most important paper mills have chosen for compaction of paper, cardboard, nylon or plastic bottles for heavy production , high density plants with few and fast maintenance services.

Machine tools manufacturing of all components of the baler guarantee the maximum precision between cart and compaction chamber and a minimum distance between knives. Above all it is possible to cover these parts with wear-resistant plates of small dimensions that, while leaning on a perfectly flat surface, don’t create “steps” between them.

 These balers, like most of TE.MA machines, have a full-automated processing system while managing and handling the incoming materials, their compaction, binding and discharge. Either a belt conveyor or a suction plant can obtain the continuous feeding process. These balers are equipped with an automatic hydraulic binder with vertical or horizontal pass-wire. Each material handling is fully controlled by a computer with a versatile software that allows a customized calibration according to any specific production requirement. The power station is controlled by a hydraulic unit equipped with variable capacity pumps and with parts produced by the most important and worldwide known Companies (like Siemens, Rexroth, etc…)

A sturdy structural steelwork, a careful and wise choice of materials together with the machine-work of all units subject to tear and wear, grant a further reliability as far as quality and life span of machine is concerned. The assembling of the baler itself is fast and easy thanks to the bolts that fasten the baler structure. A set of longitudinal devices grants strength and dimensional stability of the structure.


HYTEKO Oy offers profitable solutions for material handling.
NEMAC® is our trademark.
We represents high quality machinery and equipment offering assembling, service and spare-parts for whole Europe. Turn-key projects, supervising and assembling are our special skills.Decades of experience in industry and personnel seeking new solutions assures results.We offer to our customers personalised full service, quickly and effectively.

Our product line includes:
– TE.MA balers, conveyors, shredders and giljotins
– NEMAC saw-dust/wood-chip balers and special balers
– paper industry shredding fans, air conveyors and separators

Project activities:
– paper, pulp and wood industrial planning, supplying and servicing
– assembling and supervising
– recycling and enviroment, paper, pulp and wood industrial planning, supplying and servicing
– assembling, supervising and spare parts

S.A. Engineering

SA Eng. is an Italian company born from the twenty-years experience of the owner in the recycling field. The company manufactures industrial shredders with 1, 2, 4 shafts, electrical powered from 4Kw to 350Kw and complete plants (turnkey installation), whose aim is the volume reduction and recycling of different materials coming from the collection of urban and industrial waste.


  • Industrial and Urban Waste
  • Wood
  • Electronic Scrap
  • Hazardous & Medical Waste
  • Paper Waste
  • Plastics & Textiles
  • Tires
  • Marpol

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